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MetInfo enterprise content manager system | MetInfo CMS

AMPLEC is a multiple factory specializing in the Research, Development, Production and sales of Solar, Power Energy products which was started in 2012.

Our technologies update a full line off grid system of solar charger controllers, power inverters, solar energy system with innovative design and cost-effective prices. AMPLEC has its own professional R&D center which cover software, hardware and structural engineer. Also, we have our own SMT machine and 6 production line to meet daily production rate at 2000pcs per day, we design and supply quality solar power products for both OEM and ODM.

Our factory has a standard Production Management System, every power inverter and solar controller is required to have several inspections from Material Controlling, Inline Production, final inspection and loading supervision to ensure that every process will meet our customer requirement. 

Cooperate confidently with us and receive an expert technical help from start to finish and watch your investment produce free renewable energy for years to come.