Duo Battery Solar Controller 12V 10A

1.Rated solar current:10A2.Rated load voltage: 12V3.System voltage 12V4.size: 118*98*49mm 5.Battert type:Lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)6.LED indicator display the various status of the controller7

  • Model: DBC-10A

1.Rated solar current:10A

2.Rated load voltage: 12V

3.System voltage 12V

4.size: 118*98*49mm 

5.Battert type:Lead acid (GEL, AGM, flooded)

6.LED indicator display the various status of the controller

7.terminal size.2.5-6mm² 

8.The controller can give two groups of battery charging


Solar Charge Controller PWM Technical Datasheet 
Max.solar panel current 10A
load current 10A
Solar system voltage 12V
Battery typesealed lead acidGelAGM
Float voltage 13.8V13.8V13.8V
Boost voltage14.4V14.2V14.4V
Over-voltage protection 16V 16V 16V
Low-voltage protection11V11V11V
Reconnect voltage12.6V12.6V12.6V
Self consumption<10mA
GroundingPostive grounding
Amient Temperature-10-60°C
Battery typesealed lead acid/ Gel/AGM
Product Dimension 118*98*49mm
Weight 0.28kg
Charge control mode PWM
Diplay mode LED indicator light display

Packing details
Product Dimension 118*98*49mm
Weight 0.28kg
CTN size44*41*23.5cn
Weight 12kg