3W Solar Kits

Solar Panel:  Poly Solar Panel 18V 8WBuilt-in Battery: 12V 4A lead acid battery or Lithium Solar controller: 12V 3ALighting ports: 12V DC Port x 4PCSUSB ports: 1X 5V 2.1ALCD screen display

  • Model: AP-SY9030
  1. solar panel : 9V 3W poly solar panel

  2. Battery :6V 4Ah rechargeable lead-acid battery

  3. With battery level indicator display, charging time 10 hour

  4. With 9V 3W solar panel,Charging time 10-12h

  5. With two led bulbs(include 5m wire)up to support four led bulbs.

  6. Wide voltage range AC 110V-240V 50/60HZ

  7. DC 6V output can charge up to 4 items at 1 time

  8. Lighting time with 1LED bulbs: 22 hours 2 Leds 15 hours/3 Leds 8 hours /4Leds 6 hours

  9.  USB mobile phone charging(support iphone)

  10. Support USB*1pcs

Product Name
3W Complete solar panel kits 
Solar Panel
Poly Solar Panel 9V 3W
6V 4AH lead acid battery 
LED bulbs
2PCS(Optional)- support 4 lighting at same time
LED indicator show charging status
COB light
6V 1.5W
Charging method
By solar or AC power plug
Working time
Work for 22 hours with 6V 2W led 
12 months

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